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About the Artists

Anthony Thieme

Anthony Thieme (1888-1954) was a landscape and marine painter and a major figure of the Rockport (MA) School of American regional art. He was a contemporary of important Rockport artists Aldro Hibbard, Emil Gruppe, W. Lester Stevens, Antonio Cirino, and Marguerite Pierson. Born in Rotterdam on February 20, 1888, Thieme studied at the Academie of […]

Antoni Utrillo

Antoni Utrillo i Viadera was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1867. He was an illustrator, writer, lithographer, painter and poster designer. He created the historical ‘La Rondalla del Dijous’ in 1909 and contributed to magazine TBO in the 1930s. His work also appeared in other publications such as Bella Terra, ¡Cu-Cut!, El Gato Negro, Hispania, […]

Deborah Passmore

Deborah Griscom Passmore (1840-1911) was an artist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Division of Pomology for nineteen years. While her work for USDA focused on fruits, she was also a skilled painter of flowers and cacti. Deborah G. Passmore was born in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on July 17, 1840, to Everett Griscom Passmore […]

F.O. Morris

Rev. Francis Orpen Morris (1810-1893) “History of British Birds” 1851-1903, London Hand-coloured engravings (Each engraving is a Xylographic – woodcut- print with additional hand colouring) • Titles in English Sheet size: approx. 6 ½ x 10 inches. These prints are from Rev. Francis Morris’ (1810-1893) History of British Birds, dating to the mid-1800’s.  Morris authored […]

F.W. Kuhnert

I had some trouble finding much on this artist, his prints are fairly rare but I did manage to get a bit of information on his background. Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert 1865 – 1926 Born 28th September 1865, Oppeln, Germany and died 11th February 1926, Flims, Switzerland. He was held in great esteem by several Royal […]

Frank Kaczmarek

Frank Kaczmarek was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1940.  The son of a fashion designer, Frank began painting and drawing at a early age.  He   resides with his family in Cambridge, MA. Basically a self-taught artist, Frank has worked with various media including watercolor, etching and silkscreen printing, specializing in sailing and nautical scenes and […]

Harry Whittier Frees

Harry Whittier Frees, (1879-1953). Pioneered these whimsical images of kittens, puppies and other animals designing sets and having his mother create costumes. In the preface to Animal Land on the Air, Harry Whittier Frees describes working with his subjects. “Rabbits are the easiest to photograph in costume, but incapable ot taking many “human” parts. Puppies […]

Helga Von Cramm

Helga Von Cramm (1880-1901) was a Baroness, quite renowned for her landscapes. Her images were converted to chromolithographs by the renowned company, Vincent Brooks, Day & Son for quite a few books. These are some lovely bookplates.

Hippolyte Bellange

Hippolyte Bellange French (1800–1866) Joseph Louis Hippolyte Bellangé was born in Paris in 1800. He entered the Atelier de Gros and went on to publish lithographs, mostly for illustrations of military costumes of Napoleon’s army. Bellangé exhibited his battle scenes at the Paris Salon and quickly gained notoriety. He was named conservator to the Museum […]


Takahashi Hiroaki was born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1871. When he was nine years old he began studying Japanese-style painting with his uncle Matsumoto Fuko (1840-1923). By age 16 he was working at the Imperial Household Department of Foreign Affairs, copying designs of foreign medals and ceremonial objects. In 1891, together with Terazaki Kogyo, he […]