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About the Artists

James Sowerby

James Sowerby, (London, 1757 – 1822) was a very well known natural history artist who’s children followed in their fathers career. There is a very nice article regarding the publication of the prints I have listed. The article was written by author Richard E. Pettit and is linked below as well as a general listing […]

Deborah Passmore

Deborah Griscom Passmore (1840-1911) was an artist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Division of Pomology for nineteen years. While her work for USDA focused on fruits, she was also a skilled painter of flowers and cacti. Deborah G. Passmore was born in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on July 17, 1840, to Everett Griscom Passmore […]

J. W. Hill

HILL, John William (1812-1879). Son of the aquatint engraver John Hill (see entry), J.W. Hill was brought to America in 1819. His family moved from Philadelphia to NYC in 1822. After 1836, he made his home near West Nyack, NY. Early in his career he was a topographical artist, employed by the New York State […]

F.W. Kuhnert

I had some trouble finding much on this artist, his prints are fairly rare but I did manage to get a bit of information on his background. Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert 1865 – 1926 Born 28th September 1865, Oppeln, Germany and died 11th February 1926, Flims, Switzerland. He was held in great esteem by several Royal […]

Samuel Holden

Samuel Holden was an artist, lithographer for Paxton’s Magazine of Botany. I found much more information on James Paxton than Mr. Holden, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Paxton

Antoni Utrillo

Antoni Utrillo i Viadera was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1867. He was an illustrator, writer, lithographer, painter and poster designer. He created the historical ‘La Rondalla del Dijous’ in 1909 and contributed to magazine TBO in the 1930s. His work also appeared in other publications such as Bella Terra, ¡Cu-Cut!, El Gato Negro, Hispania, […]

Anthony Thieme

Anthony Thieme (1888-1954) was a landscape and marine painter and a major figure of the Rockport (MA) School of American regional art. He was a contemporary of important Rockport artists Aldro Hibbard, Emil Gruppe, W. Lester Stevens, Antonio Cirino, and Marguerite Pierson. Born in Rotterdam on February 20, 1888, Thieme studied at the Academie of […]

La Belle Assemblée

About the La Belle Assemblée John Bell (1745-1831) ran Bell’s Circulating Library, which c. 1778-1780, according to one of its catalogues had “above fifty thousand volumes (English, Italian, and French) in history, antiquities, voyages …” La Belle Assemblee was also sometimes called Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine or the Court Magazine and Belle Assemblee. The […]

F.O. Morris

Rev. Francis Orpen Morris (1810-1893) “History of British Birds” 1851-1903, London Hand-coloured engravings (Each engraving is a Xylographic – woodcut- print with additional hand colouring) • Titles in English Sheet size: approx. 6 ½ x 10 inches. These prints are from Rev. Francis Morris’ (1810-1893) History of British Birds, dating to the mid-1800’s.  Morris authored […]

Michael Harrington Burris

Artist – Michael Harrington Burris Born – Wake Island – 12/21/1956 Awards The Art Museum Annual, 1985 Works on Paper of Clay – selected by Dr. Christina Orr-Cahall, Oakland Museum Curator of Art. San Francisco Chronicle,  1986 “Designer Money”. Gallery of Fine Art, 2 Person show. Open Studios, Heart for the Arts, 1985 through 1995. […]