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Collecting Reference Material

Various resources off the net

Articles on Collecting

I found this link off of the online version of The Guardian, the UK newspaper. It isn’t really to indepth but offers some great, quick articles regarding art collecting. http://artcollecting.co.uk/ enjoy.

Great research resource

I found this site, All experts and it is a free service for researching just about anything. It is manned by volunteers in many subjects but I used it to research some artwork. Enjoy, http://www.allexperts.com/

Nice Antiques Resource

I found this great resource site, http://www.oldandsold.com/ It is an online marketplace but also has a great section of educational articles from Antique Digest.

Ebay Observations

I do enjoy ebay as a resource for what other sites offer as well as looking for items for myself but I have noticed a few things that you might want to consider. It seems there isn’t any mediator that would police how artworks are listed or catagorized. For instance, if you narrow your querry […]

Collecting prints resources

There is an infinite amount of resources available on the internet these days. As I find the search a bit of an enjoyable quest while researching prints from my collection, I will make sure to share with you any sites I find useful or interesting. This link is from a site, “Art of the print”, […]